Polly Ely, M.A., Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist



Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP)
for Couples, Individuals, Teens & Parents

A champion for families to find balance, structure and harmony.

A level 3 trained AEDP therapist. (Scroll down for information on AEDP)

A somatically oriented therapist who works with you to build a bridge between the gray matter in your head and the living breathing gray matter throughout your body.

Experienced and trained in the evidence-based treatment of anxiety disorders including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and panic disorder.

Specialized in the most current evidence-based treatment of Trichotillomania and skin picking disorders. 

Am clinically and experientially trained to work with ADHD and social communication disorders.

A parent coach who can usher forth remarkable change and needed structure in families when it is missing.

A parent coach who can assist parents in managing anxiety and depression in their children.

A Marin County Certified Parenting Specialist who can work in your home with you to manage misbehavior and create new patterns of interaction with your children that will generate a healthy and peaceful home life.

A mother of 2 teens and a dedicated partner of 23 years.



More on AEDP

(Accelerated Experiential-Dynamic Psychotherapy)

"There is no better way to capture the ethos of AEDP than to say that we try to help our patients—and ourselves—become stronger at the broken places. Working with trauma, loss, and the painful consequences of the limitations of human relatedness, we are surprised to discover places that have always been strong and were never broken: steeled for the worst, we encounter the best. Crisis and suffering can be opportunity: they sometimes awaken extraordinary capacities that otherwise would lie dormant, unknown and untapped, and that, without them, would never see the light of day. AEDP is about making the most of that opportunity.

AEDPis a transformation-based, healing-oriented model of therapy. Developed by Dr. Diana Fosha, author of The Transforming Power of Affect, it has roots in and resonances with many disciplines, amongst them attachment theory, affective neuroscience, body-focused approaches, and transformational studies.

In AEDP, we foster the emergence of new and healing experiences through the in-depth processing of difficult emotional and relational experiences. Key to this experiential enterprise is the establishment of the therapeutic relationship as secure base, which we seek to do from the get-go."  -

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