Public Speaking & Group Teaching

Building secure attachments with our children today primes them to become healthy friends, satisfying partners and ultimately, healthy parents in the future. Our Parent Labs keeps a sharp focus on making immediate life with our kids more fluid and easeful for parents.

The tools you will get in a Parent Lab with Polly are PRACTICAL and relevant and all of what you learn will guide you towards building an enduring, safe & secure connection with your kids, in difficult moments when you have to LEAD as well as in proud celebratory moments.

Polly wants parents to benefit from truly understanding how to be peaceful and committed leaders to our children without threats, attacks, major ruptures or shaming. LoveLab wants you to feel proud of your enduring connection with your children and to experience staying WHOLE and relaxed through the difficult moments too.

Find out more and Sign up for a Parent Lab or Couples Lab at The Lab Method for an upcoming workshop or contact Polly's Coordinator, Terra Brookins,  to plan your own group Parent Event at